I use mineral spirits

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jul 20, 2004

and Z-spar 2015 (Captains) is the ONLY varnish I use.

Thin carefully- a little goes a long way and if it isn't enough you can add more - hard to take some back out!!

If it's really warm some penetrol also helps it to flow more easily.

It's getting thicker because of the time thing. The can has been opened more than once I' sure. Each time it gets a bit of O2 in there, which starts the varnish curing. I always open the can, pour some off (through a strainer) into a small container and recap the big can as soon as possible.

By the way- at the house shop and when I have varnish aboard a boat, I have some empty 1/2 pint cans and fill them from the quart. I fill them pretty full and cap them. Then I only have 1/2 pint at risk when opening the varnish. Stuffs too costly to waste *grin*

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