Wax paper

Posted by Adam Bolonsky on Jul 20, 2004

If you in the interest of saving weight and a week of sanding decide to only epxoy your deck, forgoing glass, the day comes. Two years down the road, it's time to re-varnish, and in your zeal, you sand down to bare wood, through not only the varnish but the expoxy you coated the deck with.

Inevitably this happens on the deck's steepest camber. You re-expoxy the spot, sand it, and damn, you've plowed down through the layer of fresh epoxy and re-exposed bare wood. You epoxy and sand again and soon you are Sysiphus, running that epoxy brush and sander over that one damn spot until next season.

The solution is wax paper. Next time you have to repair an area and want to minimize sanding, or even eliminate it, take wax paper and lay it down on the fresh epoxy or glass spot. Then, using a hunk of that closed cell foam CLC gives you with a kit to make a seat with (geez, they have to give you something), smooth out with a squeegee-ing motion any of the grey bubbles you see in the epoxy. No bubbles means no craters or high spots.

Once the epoxy cures, the wax paper will peel off clean and clear, leaving beneath it varnish which has cured with nary a bubble, lump, or high spot....and which in most cases will not require any more sanding than just enough of a scratching to give the varnish (or paint or primer) something to key in to.