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Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 18, 2004

I agree Charlie. I was not speaking to you or any other experienced boatbuilder. But as long as CLC recommends Brightsides, the first time builders here will be asking how to use it. They are likely to hate the stuff after the first coat and think that a nicely finished boat is out of the question. The frustration with painting comes up here often. They don't have spray rigs or years of experience.

I am not a professional but have built several boats and have painted many. I have been asked by professional boat builders at boat shows if my paint and varnish are sprayed. No. Don't own a spray rig. Working on my boats and others has taught me a lot about paint and prep. I would not use Brightsides on a new project either. That's what led me to test the Porch and Floor paint on the Mill Creek. Liked it. Holding up well. I'll be trying the System 3 water based linear poly on the next boat. Roll and tip unless I can con my buddy into using his new HVLP rig.

I'd love to see some pics of your work. Website?

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