Re: Two quick deck qustio

Posted by Rick on Jul 16, 2004

Definitely glass the deck before doing the hatches and cockpit. I like to mark my hatch placement first though and then you just fill the glass an inch or two inside your hatch line, no need to waste that epoxy.

For the deck to hull joint you round over the deck into the hull panel to about a 3/8 to 1/2 radius. To insure a strong bond after I trim the excess deck with a jigsaw (BE CAREFUL no to gouge the gunwale), I fill any remaining gaps with thickened goop completely. Round over both with 80 briefly and I work mostly with 150 grit. The roundover shoulod be very gradual and smooth. Also, sight along the long axis of the boat and try to keep the joint gradual lengthwise. Its surprising how "wavy" the line can get if you don't watch out.

Good luck! R.

In Response to: Two quick deck qustions by Mischa on Jul 16, 2004