Panel Length:Total =?

Posted by Lloyd on Jul 11, 2004

Today was the day for the first epoxy. The goal to make the hull panels for the first of three kits: two 17LT's and one 16LT.

We stopped short and just did three sets of shear clamps because we were confused.

This is our problem.

Page 66 of the manual shows the offsets but no lengths. Why not the length too? Do we touch the okoume skarf joints and just know.

Note that on page 69 of the manual the last paragraph states,

"Kit builders are sometimes tempted to use the layout diagram intended for plan builders, the one on Plans Sheet [2] with the many stations and measurements. ... Kit builders should stick with their diagram."

I don't believe there is a length anywhere in the manual, and certainly not on the diagram.

However, there is a diagram on page 64 which illustrates how to align scarf joints. If this is done properly will the length be correct?

We aligned the joints as we thought would be correct and ended up a quarter of an inch short for the total hull panel length. O.K. I admit it, by this time I had looked at the plan and read that the panel lengths should be 17' and 16' 2".

And one more admission, Friday I called CLC (I just had the manual in hand) and asked where to get the length and was told to look at the plans.

Much written here, but I believe the question is what controls, 1) the total length given in the plan or 2) the aligning of the scarf joints?

Two of our team members voted for "1" and other for "2."

From Fair Oaks, the boat capital of northern California