Re: Painting the Hull

Posted by Steve Miller on Jul 6, 2004

Holy moly! 15 coats? It only took 7 coats to cover my daughters Mill Creek in yellow. Must be doing very thin coats or using too coarse of paper to sand. 400 grit minimum between coats. Anything rougher is for paint salesmen.

With 400 grit wet sanding every 3rd coat that hull should be very smooth by now, but you want it smoother - go see the automotive guys about polishing varnish and paint. You will need some very fine (much finer than 000 steel wool!) sandpaper and polishing compounds. The result will be stunning but go paddle. Heck its July.

Polish over the winter if you must or just refinish it. It will need it by then. The other guys are right.

In Response to: Re: Painting the Hull by Joe Lombardo on Jul 6, 2004