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Posted by Chris Taylor on Jul 5, 2004

Sorry again about the photo link. I see the one does work though. I will work on this and get back to you...

Some tips for weight I did: - round off the bottom edge of the shear clamps and deck beam. - tab seams and remove wires before filleting - mask and apply neat 1/2 inch fillets - use 6 oz 2-inch glass tape - 2.5 oz glass on deck - apply all epoxy judiciously with squeege (but ensuring good sealing of all surfaces). - scrape lightly after first fill coat. Scrape and sand moderately (100 - 150 grit) after 2nd fill coat and then again (220 grit) after a very thin finish coat of epoxy. - small end-pours mixed with sawdust. Only enough to tie in the shears and for a future rudder (unlikely).

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