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Posted by Mac on Jun 28, 2004

Hey All!

Just came back to Montreal for a day, to vote in our Federal Election.

Just had a quick look see at the threads and all is as expected - Kurt leave Dougy alone! Lee I left you in charge! Where did all these empties come from? And where's my credit card?

I paddled several times a day in sun and rain and WIND! Our little lake actually kicked up some one footers with the tops comming off. A 19' yak with a sharp, raised prow slices into waves with virtually no sound, and its length spans 3 or 4 crests giving no forward to backward motion at all- very comfortable. Cutting across the waves is the challenge, as the length plays against me and a lot of sweeps are necessary. I also get the value of heavily feathered blades when facing a gale. (OK, ocean paddlers, stop laffin'!)

Watched the Brent Reitz Forward Stroke video several times and managed to do it correctly for about 20 alternate strokes before my little mind wandered and I regressed into my usual old man gait. But when I had it right, man I was MOVIN'.

LeeG, you were correct "Belly move boat". Thank's for all the tips.

Off to vote, cut grass and then back to the lake (to cut more grass).

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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