Boat Blogging

Posted by Joe Lombardo on Jun 26, 2004

Hi All, I've got the first pass at a boat blogging site set up at (link below). Here are the features so far:

• Free journals for boat builders -- post pictures, project announcements, and trip reports to your journal... which we call a blog. Oh yeah, visitors can post comments in response to journal entries.

• Collaborative book -- as people post to their journals/blogs, Informative posts will be linked to the collaborative book in a hierarchical fashion making it easier to find again later.

• Taxonomies -- Members can categorize posts by taxonomy terms. These categories can then be navigated and searched.

• Glossary -- boat building terms are being added to a glossary. As members use these terms in their blogs, they are linked to the glossary making it easy for new members to learn the lingo.

There is a lot of room for improvement, but hopefully it will prove to be valuable to both current builders and future builders.

Best Wishes, - Joe