Re: Brightsides yellow

Posted by Charlie Tuna on Jun 24, 2004

I am just finished putting on my 2nd coat of brightsides white last nite. It pretty much has covered the surface with the exception of a few spots that were contaminated. Plan on putting the 3rd coat on tonight and call the hull done. Then its flipping the boat and starting on the multiple coats of varnish.

For the first time in ages that Texas is getting rain in June, I happen to be trying to put my varnish down. I have read that you should not attempt to work with it in high humidity and or rain. So will have to sit around and start dreaming what my next boat project will be. Guess I can go back and fine tooth sand the deck and coaming. I notice with the brightsides that every little pin hole shows up.

Good luck on the yellow. I know you have to be getting tired of painting, sanding, drying, painting, drying etc... Hang in there the light of the end of the tunnel is getting close or is that a freight train coming at you?


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