Sea Anchors

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 23, 2004

Wayne, I use both sea anchors and "normal" bottom anchors in the course of fishing the Texas coast. A sea anchor, or drift anchor, or sea sock, or drogue, or whatever you call the dang thing, is kind of an underwater parachute that slows you down as the wind blows you across the water.

The sea anchor is considered a valid piece of emergency gear for sea kayakers, used to perhaps keep you from being blown into dangerous conditions, or from losing too much ground in an upwind haul, in the event of a disability at sea. Fishermen love them, as do various other boaters, for all sorts of reasons.

Some sea anchors are shaped like a parachute, while others are cone-shaped; all sport a hole in the center on the aft end, and anywhere from 4 or more shroud lines on the boat end. Some old-timers simply use a bucket tied to a rope and belayed to the boat on a cleat.

Look for sea anchors at your local boating supply emporium; the one you want will be 18", although a 24" will work okay.

Check out the link below for some great tips on rigging anchors of all sorts, and stringers also, to kayaks.

Cheers, Kurt

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