Re: Rough Water

Posted by LeeG on Jun 20, 2004

Mike, I wanted to steer you to the larger issues regarding "rough water" than whether a kayak is a skin boat, polyethelene, wood, or composite. But to answer your question,,the boats can "handle" any thing you can handle. Regarding doubles, since they are incredibly stable, 'cept the Sport, and BIG there are some rescue issues you may not be aware of compared to a single. Most folks rarely practice rescues in a double,,since most folks rarely feel the tendency to capsize compared to a single kayak. It's a little like driving an SUV and not discovering what they're like in fast lane changes until an emergency hits. With the double the amount of water taken in during a capsize is HUGE compared to a single,,and the affects of free water in the cockpit is even greater than a single. This is a roundabout way of saying that although you may feel very secure in rough water with a big double if you haven't done a rescue with it you'll be surprised at how hard it is to perform a rescue with 1000lbs of free water moving around compared to a single kayak in rough water. I was in the S.F. Bay once listening to Ch16 dialog about two doubles capsized on the SW pt. of Angel Island where a guide was leading two doubles in a single, one capsized 100yds from the beach and was blown out to the bay and the other didnt' have the horsepower to get to shore and capsized further out. The guide was pretty much SOL with pleasure boats coming to the rescue. All of this in 60degree water, 3' waves, 15mph wind.

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