Re: Rolling for Women?

Posted by Laszlo on Jun 20, 2004


That gender-specific subcutaneous fat layer is actually pretty thin (there's lots of trim and muscular women out there) and doesn't do much for the head where most of the problems are. Ears (disorientation, cold water in the head), eyes (stinging, loss of visibility and resultant disorientation), nose & mouth (lack of air, choking response) and brain (surprise, disorientation, panic, not knowing what to do). There, we're all pretty much equal in having to practice handling all distracting and scary factors.

On the other hand, the average woman's center of gravity in air is lower than the average man's - down in the pelvis, rather than up in the abdomen (good for protecting the uterus and its precious cargo from shocks and bumps). Her center of buoyancy is also in a different location relative to a man's (exactly how different depends on her proportions). The long and short of it is that the moment arm between her center of gravity and center of buoyancy is different from a man's, so she will probably require a slightly different technique. Kurt, perhaps that's why you couldn't quite get her to roll. Either way, good for Leslie for trying!

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