Re: Strength of fully loa

Posted by LeeG on Jun 17, 2004

The hull is perfectly strong for lifting and carrying that weight if you two are up for picking it up from the ends.

It's best to pick the boat up and hold the HULL with two hands. You can use a toggle if your arm/hand strength is sufficient but when it comes to moving over varied terrain two hands is best. This is why "sea kayaks" have toggles and not loops of rope for a carry/grab point. I wouldn't dead lift 100lbs of kayaks from the middle,,I'd get out and drag it above the water line then empty it. When I took a trip with kayak and gear weighing around 125lbs you had to be careful NOT to lever the hull over some rocks or logs. In the case of your four panel Chesapeake and loaded touring you might consider glassing inbetween the tape about 2' in the aft compartment between the 3" tape on chines and keel. There is no way you'd crack the keel,,it's the adjacent panel that doesn't have any glass on the interior that will crack if you move that 110lb kayak and gear over a seaweed covered rock and it rests on that area.

I saw the original Chesapeak double sitting on an employees car and rain had put 2" of water in the compartment,,that's about hundred made the keel bend IN but nothing "broke" once the water was taken out and off the roof rack.

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