Open 60 boats in Boston.

Posted by Brian T. Cunningham on Jun 16, 2004

Open 60 boats in Boston.

They were on display fresh off their single handed trans-atlantic race, monohulls, catamarans and trimarans. It was well worth what I payed to park down there. If you havenít been down by the Aquarium lately a very nice wrap around wharf has been built.

The catamaran had a really neat bi-plane rig on it.

Some real neat features on the trimarans. They all had curve shaped lifting foils in their floats, most had their lifted foils and daggerboards covered up as to not give way any secrets! Rudders were present on all three hulls, as they ride up on a single hull when going fast. The steering linkages were all different. Some had them buried in the hulls, others had hard links with rod ends, some had cables, a few were a combination of the two. The crossbeams were all D-shaped. None ran straight across, they were all angle to help support the boat when up on one float. Most had curved supports that followed the arc of the boom so the traveler could be mounted on it. None of the tall masts had diamond supports, and the cord was HUGH.



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