Re: Three Day trip

Posted by Alex Ferguson on Jun 13, 2004


: I was concerned about just picking it up form the water fully loaded (20lbs forward, 30lbs aft). I was concerned that with that much weight, it might actually damage the keel or crack the hull completely.

Years ago I dropped (my father actually dropped his end) of my fully loaded kayak from shoulder height on to concrete. I wasn't using tape on the joins in those days and cracked a chine join. Now I'd expect it to survive. I would hope my kayaks would support me in the cockpit, a full load and the ends supported by their lifting toggles. I wouldn't do it with a glass boat.

We always carry loaded boats down to the water if there are 4 in the group using strops. Otherwise I use a trolley. It saves packing the kayak at the water's edge and 2 to a loaded boat is a bit too heavy.


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