Re: Light Packing Mag lin

Posted by FrankP on Jun 11, 2004

Principles will take you much further than expensive gear anyway. If you can get the right mindset and skillset, you don't need the expensive gear. You learn to make do with different things, multipurpose does work wonders.

Trappers from 100 years ago didn't have titanium, or even aluminum gear but they went out for months with a single all weather. (Granted, they carried weapons and hunted/trapped for food.)

Honestly, the best way to learn how to do it is take as little as possible and always think of ways to do things without the gear. ie using a bandana to drink water from, making shelter from leaves and sticks etc. Once you've taught yourself to think this way, it's not hard to dump all the extra gear. Or you can carry it anyway, knowing that you will survive if for whatever reason you lose it.


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