Re: WR18 paddling report

Posted by LeeL on Jun 9, 2004

Hi Steve:

I'm also paddling a WR18. I have also found that it is relatively stable and fast.

I haven't had it out in high winds yet but it seems to hold a course better than the SeaLution II XL that I paddled before and seems to weathercock less. I think this is because the afterdeck is low. Weathercocking is caused by wind pushing the rear downwind causing the bow to point into the wind. That is not an entirely bad thing, it's better than just getting pushed downwind.

I've been correcting by edging or leaning the kayak. Lifting the knee towards the direction I want to turn and continuing with the forward stroke.

This would get tireing over a few hours and a could be alleviated by a rudder.

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