brute force

Posted by LeeG on Jun 9, 2004

you must have some good timing/coordination down to be learning this fast and the effort being low. I remember teaching a fellow to do a Pawlata roll with an inexpensive plastic bladed paddle,,he almost folded the blade in his hands trying to come up like you are. Try out a little torso rotation WITH your hip snap AND a relaxed neck,,it'll be even easier,,like the difference between picking up a thick phone book or a sheaf of papers. Last summer I loaned a couple a rolling video after their first lesson. They came back the next week with a very good on side AND off side roll,,while another fellow was on his fifth lesson and still figuring out a hip snap without stiff shoulders/neck/torso. As I started to toss out some suggestions their off side roll got worse,,which was better than mine after a few years practice,,,,if there ever was a moment to say "those that can't ,,,,teach" that was it.

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