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Posted by Mike M. on Jun 8, 2004

I forked over the money and got myself a full set of thule racks for my Dodge Durango. The Durango's existing roof tracks allow a bit more distance between front and rear bars than my previous vehicle (s-10 blazer). I have the thule saddles to go with the bars, some kind of cloth-type padded adjusting saddles for the rear, and more rubberized flexible ones for the front.

You can kind of see the extra set in the photo below. I have saddles for 2 boats...I haven't tried it yet but I should be able to put my 18 up there too.

I drove well over 1000 miles with the 21' double on the roof, strapped snugly to the racks, with a just-barely-taught bow line and stern line - more for the just incase factor. I had no problems. The boat stayed firmly in place. I kept speed down at 65-70, but I did hit 80 brifly (Durango has a lot of gets up there sometimes ;) Still had no problems.

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