Re: Gulf Guys

Posted by Kyle T on Jun 8, 2004

It can be sweltering.

I spent Memorial Day at my parent's house in Tennessee. On my return trip to Orlando I took pictures of my trucks console, which showed an outside temperature of 101 degrees as I drove through Ocala. Fortunately, I had a working air conditioner.

This past Saturday I was again in the Ocala area. This time for an Orienteering race. We had a little rain during the past week and it cooled the forest to a nice 94 degrees. It also raised the humidity into the 90% range. Needless to say that doing a cross-country foot race in sand during a heat index of over 100 was grueling to say the least. I think that I quit thinking at the two-hour mark. I wobbled to the check in table then found a shady spot to melt into while I waited for my friends to finish. When all were accounted for we drove two miles to one of the many spring fed rivers in the area and launched our kayaks for a brief paddle up to Alexander Springs where we were more than ready to rest in the cold water and truely cool off.

Yes, sweltering is a good description.


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