Posted by Mac on Jun 4, 2004


LeeG gently suggested I take advantage of the instructional paddling videos available. I had ordered a couple of Derek Hutchinson books on Basics (Sweeps, Braces etc) and (gulp) Eskimo Rolling. I didn't give Paddling a second look. After all, I have years of canoeing under my ample belt. Don't need no stinkin' paddlin' video!

Well, guess what?

So, I've just ordered Brent Reitz's video ('cause Lee hasn't made one) from CLC.

I figure $45 odd CDN is a TON cheaper than a couple hundred for a rudder, if I don't actually need it. Once I know I know how to paddle, I'll fine tune with skeg fins as necessary. If that doesn't work we'll have a "Vicking Funeral" and I'll build a raft.

Stay tuned faithful readers to see if Lee and the other experts can turn this Cro Magnon into a finesse paddler by next winter.

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