Re: Millcreek 16.5

Posted by Dave on May 29, 2004

Jerry, I just looked at the plans, my log, and the craft. The bottom should be 15'- 10" (also check the offsets from the center line). For me, the kit folks cut the scarf wrong (canted and upside down) so I had to clean up the scarf (no big deal) and ended up with two plywood sides (pink side and white side) showing at the scarf line (still no big deal). John Harris offered to ship out another bottom but I declined. My bottom came out 15'- 9- 11/16 (or less). No expert here, but I think you're within tolerance with slack to spare and can pull the bilge panels together to continue the bottom line at stem and stern. Just keep wiring and clamping and rewiring (maybe light trimming) until you get it straight and fair for sure (save you filler, the dreaded twist, and such later) before you commit to expoxy. If you don't like what you see try again. If you're queasy, call the friendly CLC folks for some handholding. It's going to turn out as one beautiful craft. Dave

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