Re: CH17 end pours

Posted by Dick R on May 25, 2004

The shear clamps really do not matter when considering how big the end-pours should be. It seems to me that end-pours serve three functions: they glue all the parts together, ie, sides, bottom, and deck; they provide good solid bumpers in the event of collisions with big objects like rocks; they provide water-tight, strong blocks for mounting rope handles for carrying, and for mounting a rudder. It is the latter two uses that probably determine how big the pours should be -- maybe 3 inches.

Be forewarned -- unless instructions have improved since I built my boat, they are inadequate when it comes to rudders. Rudders were an after-thought. The instructions for my boat resulted in a much too narrow stern for mounting a rudder. A rough surf landing resulted in the pivot pin breaking through the side of the boat. Be sure to mount the rudder in a place where the stern is about 1.5 inches wide. If that means cutting off a bit of the pointy stern now, might as well bite the bullet and to it.

Given the geometries of bow and stern, you can estimate the volumes to give the depth you need.

In Response to: CH17 end pours by Pat on May 24, 2004