fitting bulkheads

Posted by Wade Bick on May 24, 2004

Anybody have any words of advice for fitting bulkheads?

I'm building an LT17 and I've just finished stitching the hull. Turning it over, the lines look pretty fair. The bulkheads don't fit in place and the manual says this is ok, don't be afraid to modify them. However, it seems like there's a happy medium between bulkhead modification and hull adjustment. If I have to cut 4 inches off the bottom of one of the bulkheads, something's probably wrong. Conversely, if I have a 4 inch gap between the bulkhead and the side of the hull, something's probably wrong.

No, I'm not really 4" off. Its probably about 1" too tight on the forward bulkhead and 1/4" gap on the sides of the aft bulkhead. Deepening the V of the hull might help bulkheads that are too tight, reducing the beam might help reduce the gap in the aft bulkhead.

The rest of the hull came together so well, I'm a little spooked that the bulkheads are off.

Any advice?

Thanks, Wade...