To LeeG, About Rolling

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 24, 2004

Lee, you replied to something I said on another forum, and I got all screwed up in my muddled little life trying to reply... and, of course, failed utterly. So now I'm gonna paste in here what I meant to say there, and maybe with any luck it will make sense to somebody.

If we ever figure out who that somebody is, perhaps we can sweet-talk 'em into explaining it to us. Anyway, here goes:

Lee, I paddle my Cormorant only in still waters, or water too shallow, or too close to shore, to actually drown in, talented though I am.

As "sporty" as the Cormorant *obviously* is, I am quickly becoming aware that it may be considered nothing less than *dangerous* with my present set of skills, or more properly put, my lack thereof. I am also becoming acutely aware that the FUN FACTOR in the Cormorant is severely limited by same.

So today I am HOT to learn, learn, learn. Rolls and rescue techniques get top priority. I mean to master the technique side of sea kayaking as I have... well... learned a thing or two about the building side of it.

I wish I lived nearer to Annapolis, just in case you happen to be a soft touch for teaching people stuff for free. But I do happen to have a few good prospects around here for learning things from. And if worse comes to worst, I will buy Jay Babina's video "First Roll" and work it out for myself. At any rate, I mean to do it.

UPDATE: I wrote this earlier today, but in my typically confused way of life missed sending it. Anyway, I have since heard back from a real, live ACA-certified (or whatever it is) kayak instructor friend of mine that he is dangnear as hot to teach me to roll as I am to learn it... and even has a "clear, freshwater pond" lined up in which to do it! And this guy gets $80/hour for same. Why he wants to mess with me for free is more'n I can say, but I ain't gonna argue the point.

Lee, I believe you already know this, and I think most everyone else on this list knows it also, but lemme tell ya what: if you live right and do good and generous things for your fellow human beans for no particular reason, good things will come right back to you in green dollars on the red cents expended. I'm living proof of it: I ain't got sh*t for money, but looky what happens; this is almost typical...

The mind boggles at what I might do if I HAD some cash... Like maybe buy a hot-*ss 'Vette and say t' hell with y'all... ZOOOOM...!

But that ain't likely to happen. In any case, I'll certainly keep this group up to date on any and all progress made. So goodnight, and glub, glub!!

Cheers, Kurt