Re: WR 180 Broaching

Posted by LeeL on May 6, 2004

1. LeeG is absolutely correct on the conditions that cause broaching. 2. I agree that a skeg wouldn't help much. 3. I don't think that there is anything that you can do during construction that would prevent broaching.

4. I paddled a WR180 twice at OkoumeFest last year and although I was not in conditions that would cause a broach I was convinced that I wanted a rudder on that kayak and I wanted to build one. This kayak tracked like it was on rails but did not turn readily even when I leaned enough to get water over the coaming. When I went to get a kit it wasn't available so I purchased a WR18, which I've now completed. I feel that this hull sacrifices some speed for manouverability. It responds to a leaned turn better than the WR180 it also has a lower rear deck than the WR180 and is thus less prone to weathercocking. The trade off there is in storage space aft of the cockpit. I'll still install a rudder.

The way to handle the broaching problem is with a rudder or with the paddle and maybe by edging or leaning in the WR18 I think the rudder is the easier of the two.

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