Re: Mill Creek Seat

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 5, 2004

Joe, it isn't difficult to carve a seat, only time-consuming. The trick (as I see it)is to approximate a reverse-sculpture of your fanny, then begin a series of test-and-adjusts. That is, you go paddling, identify pressure points over the course of a few hours, then come home and remove them... and repeat over several trips until you can identify nothing uncomfortable.

"Hogging out" the foam can be done with a right-angle grinder like metalworkers use, or with a drill and wire brush attachment. Fine tuning is best done with a bent section of a Surform blade (kind of a cross between a rasp and a plane, available practically everywhere). Personally, I like to use an anemic old pneumatic metal grinder, picked up in a garage sale, that doesn't have quite enough power... which keeps me out of trouble as long as I can manage to exercise due patience and not turn to the right-angle powerhouse.

The initial layout, as it were, was done by sitting on the foam block and tracing around my butt with a pen.

Cheers, Kurt

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