Build Your Own Jimmy Skiff II

Location: Chesapeake Light Craft - Annapolis, Maryland
Dates: Monday, April 8, 2024 - Saturday, April 13, 2024

This Class in Annapolis is offered by the WoodenBoat School; please register online starting January 2, 2024. Inquiries only to 207-359-4651 or [email protected].

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Instructor:  Andrew Schroeher

Tuition & Materials: 

  • Tuition: $925 (additional helper fee: $450)
  • Materials (choose from):
    • Jimmy Skiff II (rowing kit): $2161
    • Jimmy Skiff II (sailing version): $4582

Other Considerations:


Andrew Schroeher

The original Jimmy Skiff was launched by Chesapeake Light Craft in 1998. An immediate success, this straightforward 13-foot skiff has remained popular for twenty years.

Designer John C. Harris has been working on a clean-sheet redesign since 2012. The prototype was launched in 2017 and was in testing for 18 months.

The Jimmy Skiff II is the same length as its predecessor and only an inch or two wider, but it's a higher-volume, stiffer boat. Those looking for a super-versatile utility skiff will be hard-pressed to find a better design. The Jimmy Skiff II rows beautifully, sails fast on all points, and handles great with an outboard engine.

In this class you'll build your own Jimmy Skiff II under the tutelage of CLC's expert boatbuilders/instructors.  The class will get you through about 45 hours of construction, which is enough time to complete the major assemblies and have the boat fully sealed with epoxy.  You'll take care of the finish sanding, painting, and varnishing at home. 

Note:  Boat kits for classes are specially prepared at CLC and delivered directly to the classroom.  These kits include essential supplies and may have certain parts pre-assembled.  Because of the particular nature of these kits, discounts and other promotions do not apply.

Jimmy Skiff II

Jimmy Skiff II

Jimmy Skiff II kit

Jimmy Skiff II kit

Jimmy Skiff II kit