Build Your Own Oxford Shell II

Location: Chesapeake Light Craft - Annapolis, Maryland
Dates: Monday, May 27, 2019 - Saturday, June 1, 2019

Instructor:  Dillon Majoros

Registrations for this class are through Chesapeake Light Craft:
Call 410-267-0137
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Tuition & Materials:

  • Tuition: $850  (additional helper fee: $425)
  • Materials: Oxford Shell II $1199 (Base Kit)
                   Oxford Shell II $1889 (

Other Considerations:

Class Details: 

Dillon Majoros
Dillon Majoros


The first rowing clubs formed in the United States in the 1830's. Rowing was even more popular then than now, with "wager races" drawing enormous crowds. By the end of that century rowing shells had assumed the classic shape we recognize today: long and narrow, with a "splash box" around the cockpit to deflect waves and "riggers" to allow maximum leverage over the oars.

Racing shells are so narrow and tender that they remain the province of the skilled athlete. For less competitive rowing enthusiasts there are recreational shells, a niche that has produced many excellent designs over the last 40 years. Examples include the various Ocean Shells by Arthur Martin, the lovely Kingfisher shell designed for WoodenBoat by Graeme King, and the Oxford Shell, released in 1996 by Chesapeake Light Craft.

In this class you'll build your own Oxford Shell II. A sleek and sophisticated evolution of the original Oxford Shell, this new design was developed specifically for amateur boatbuilders. A computer-cut kit from Chesapeake Light Craft slots together quickly and accurately. The result is a 20'10" shell that's fast enough to win races in many classes, but stable enough for beginners.  The refined hull can handle choppy conditions, and the cockpit may be fitted with an automatic bailer. A finished weight around 40lbs makes launching and cartopping easy. The anodized aluminum riggers, by Wintech, clip to the hull in seconds.

The Oxford Shell II is built stitch-and-glue style with the help of temporary molds and watertight bulkheads. Every exterior surface is sheathed in lightweight fiberglass for strength and durability. The hull material is 3mm okoume plywood, which most builders will elect to finish "bright." In this class you'll complete assembly of your own rowing shell under the tutelage of professional boatbuilder Travis Guthrie. At home you'll finish sanding and coating the hull, brush on varnish, and fit the sliding seat and riggers.

Whether you're looking for a gentle workout on the lake or training for competition, the Oxford Shell II is an elegant and efficient machine for fast rowing. In this class, you can choose between the basic hull ($1129) or a completely-rigged hull with everything except oars ($1889).

Oxford Shell II kit

Oxford Shell II kit

Oxford Shell II kit

Oxford Shell II kit

Oxford Shell II kit


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