Boat Show Prices + FREE Shipping to the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, CT!

We're looking forward to our visit to the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Connecticut over June 28-30, 2019.

We're so excited, in fact, we're offering our friends who will be coming to see us at the festival a special deal.

If you order a boat kit now and pick it up at the show, we'll give you the show price AND free shipping to the festival in Mystic. This is limited to our kits in stock, but don't worry -- we have many different models available. (If you are interested in a kit not on the in-stock list below, give us a call. We may be able to accommodate your request.)

Note that you'll have to put the kit into your cart to see the full discount.

This promotion adds up to a TON of cash. INCLUDING YOUR SAVINGS ON SHIPPING, it's an average kit discount of $288. You will save up to:

$369 off an Annapolis Wherry Tandem kit.
$360 off a Passagemaker T/A Dinghy kit.
$281 off a Petrel SG kit.
$265 off a Shearwater Sport kit.
$240 off a Kaholo 14 Paddleboard kit.
And more . . . scroll down for the entire list!

If you want the show price AND free shipping, here's the lugubrious fine print:

1. You MUST get your kit order in by midnight Monday, June 24, so we can pack it on the truck.

2. The kit must be on our current In-Stock list, shown below. If you would like WoodenBoat Show delivery on a kit not listed, please give us a call: 410.267.0137. We may be able to accommodate some other requests.

3. Call in your kit order, or check out online with the promo code mysticdelivery to trigger the show discount and free shipping on your order. When checking out online, make sure to select the "WoodenBoat Show Pickup" choice in Shipping Options on the Billing Address screen, as shown:

4. You MUST pick up your kit at the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, CT. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS! If we have to haul your kit back to Annapolis, you'll have to pay for shipping to get your kit.

5. Pickup times and locations: The kids are bulky and heavy, so we'll need to make the hand-off in the parking lot. PICKUP TIMES WILL BE 9:00am AND 4:00pm EACH DAY AT OUR TRUCK IN THE MAIN PARKING LOT. So catch us in the morning, or at the end of the day, and we'll help you load up your kit!

6. Please arrive in Mystic prepared to transport the kit on, or in, your vehicle. All of our kit packages are cartoppable, and the cartons can handle getting wet for at least a few hours. But please give some thought to transportation logistics, and let us know if you have questions.

7. There will be generous show specials on kits ordered AT THE SHOW, but shipping fees will apply. Again, to get the free delivery deal you must order by June 24th and take delivery of your kit at the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Connecticut.

Shop now for a kit using the promo code mysticdelivery!

First come, first serve. While supplies last. As the units in stock are sold, those kits will become unavailble for the Show Prices + Free Delivery promotion. This promotion ends at midnight, on Monday, June 24th, absolutely.

Model On Hand Show Discount + Free Delivery = Savings of:
Annapolis Wherry 2 $361
Annapolis Wherry Tandem 4 $369
Chesapeake 16 1 $245
Chester Yawl 1 $375
Cocktail Class Racer 1 $345
Cradle Boat 2 $125
Eastport Pram 1 $248
Eastport Nesting Pram 3 $255
Expedition Wherry 2 $360
Kaholo 12'6" 2 $238
Kaholo 14 2 $240
Mill Creek 13 2 $250
Mill Creek 16.5 Hybrid 3 $281
Mystic River Canoe 1 $306
Northeaster Dory 2 $375
Nymph 10 Canoe 1 $266
Passagemaker Dinghy 2 $355
Passagemaker T/A 3 $360
Petrel SG 1 $281
Petrel Play SG 1 $274
Sassafras 16 1 $341
Shearwater 16 2 $262
Shearwater 17 2 $265
Shearwater Sport 1 $265
Shearwater Sport Hybrid 1 $278
Wood Duckling Sapele 3 $144
Wood Duck 10 Hybrid 1 $268
Wood Duck 12 Hybrid 1 $275
Wood Duck 14 Sapele 1 $260
Wood Duck Double 1 $291


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