Big Little Boat Festival 2022 - Part 2

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We've almost always had sailboats at our annual rendezvous, and there were even more than usual in 2022.

Brisk winds and a lee shore made for sporting conditions on Saturday. The Lighthouse Tender Peapod's pivoting centerboard and kick-up rudder were welcome on the beach!

Dylan Ross brought this Reuben Trane-designed Mud Hen. A rare sighting; about 40 were built in the 1980's. Very pretty boats. Dylan's Mud Hen was in sparkling condition and well-sailed.

Here's a Northeaster Dory on the 20-mile "Deale or No Deal" race on Saturday.

Doug's PocketShip boiling along on the Rhode River.

Not too many of these in the wild! This is a CLC Outrigger Junior on the "Deale or No Deal" race course, built and skippered by John Staub, CLC's CEO emeritus.

There have been cardboard boat contests forever, but they're always fun and ours was no exception. 

We added a new twist by CNC-cutting "kits" out of cardboard, making our cardboard boat event a "one-design" race.

All of the cardboard boats floated!


A nice shot of an Eastport Pram on Sunday.

Enjoying the gentler breezes on Sunday, this is a PT11 Nesting Dinghy, now produced by CLC.

The PT11 is remarkably light and fast for an 11-foot dinghy. It also nests; the engineering of the joint in the hull is the most sophisticated and easy-to-use we've ever seen. (It's hard to make out the seam!)

Another nesting dinghy, CLC's well-worn Eastport Nesting Pram demo model. 

The comfortable and commodious Jimmy Skiff II cruising off the beach on Sunday.

The wind abated as events wound down on Sunday. CLC's Nicky Stimpson, atop a Kaholo 14, is giving rowing lessons to the crew of this Oxford Shell II.

Another shot of Nicky wrangling a Kaholo 14.

CLC's Sean Rogers enjoying the Lighthouse Tender Peapod as the Festival wound down.

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