Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Sail Area:
Independence R/C Sailing Model 4' 0" 15 lbs. 11 in. 7 sq ft.
Independence R/C Sailing Model Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
Wood Parts Only Kit
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Epoxy & Wire Kit
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Our friend Eric Schade, with assistance from Dave Jackson, developed this 48-inch long radio controlled model sailboat, which Eric has named the "Independence".  To date over 75 Independence yachts have been built,  both by individuals,  in classes at the WoodenBoat School,  and at Pequot Yacht Club on Long Island Sound. At Pequot they have been racing the boats twice weekly for the last two years. Don't miss the link to the video showing one of their races!
Whether you want to join or create a group to race together, or want just to enjoy sailing around your local pond by yourself or with a friend, this boat will be a great introduction to sailing, and will continue to be fun for years to come.  Furthermore, since the Indy is a "One Design" class, your boat, if you build it carefully, should be competitive with other Independence class boats should you desire to race.
A powerful and responsive sailing model, the Indy is equipped with straightforward and inexpensive remote control technology.  It utilizes the same pre-cut plywood panels and stitch and glue construction as our other kits. During the WoodenBoat School class, most people were able to complete and sail their Indys during the class (40-45 hrs. work).
If you are interested, there are a number of ways you can build:
Simply buy the plans, purchase materials locally, and buy from us only the items you can't find locally; or
Purchase only the precut and drilled plywood parts, and the instruction manual (the really hard to get and time consuming parts) for $199. Free of charge, a supplementary list that tells what else you will need and where to get it, can be downloaded here.
Note that the instruction manual details the installation of a simple radio set-up (the Hitec Ranger 2N and HS785HB sail winch servo). Alternative radio gear may also be used.

Please contact Eric Schade directly with design-related questions and hardware needs.