Bow and stern keel rubstrips

Is it worth the trouble to put an extra strip of fiberglass cloth on the keel at the bow and stern for additional rub protection? I'll usually be launching the boat from a sandy beach.

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RE: Bow and stern keel rubstrips

Yes, it is, even on a sandy beach. What's sandpaper made of? :-)

It's really not that much trouble. I find it works best for fairing if the rubstrips are under the main layer of glass.



RE: Bow and stern keel rubstrips

I would second that.  I have a couple of chessies that are a few years old and I have already done "temporary" patchs on bow and stern of one.  I plan to sand out scratches, add rub strips and then revarnish the hulls of both. 

 By the way, I believe a kayak should be enjoyed.  I try to avoid rocks but beaches are sort of essential and in any significant waves you do not want to try to come in sideways so the bow does get a "sanding" so to speak.  



Bow and stern keel rubstrips

I have used ash rub strips on my kayak with great success but over time they have splintered and are not worth repairing. I replaced one of the ash strips with a brass rub strip and will do the same to the other end. The brass adds a minor amount of weight compared to the extra protection you get. That is my $0.02 CAD.


Robert N Pruden

RE: Bow and stern keel rubstrips

Thanks, Laszlo, Ed and Robert. I appreciate your help.


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