Mill Creek 16.5 Deckbeam

What is the elevation of the deckbeam in relation to the forward bulkhead?

What I see on the plans is the center of the deckbeam is higher than the forward bulkhead. If I run a string bow to stern the deckbeam is just a hair higher than the line and the forward bulkhead is ~1/2" lower. I just want to make sure it is correct before I fillet and tape the inside.


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RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Deckbeam


RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Deckbeam

This looks right.  If you run a line from the bow to the top of the deck beam at centerline, it will be above the bulkhead.  This results in a bit of compound curvature in the foredeck which requires that you pull the deck down onto the bulkhead with a strap in order to get the proper contact all around.  It looks great when finished.  You can see some shots of my build in the CLC "main gallery" for the MC 16.5, under "Paul G.".  Good luck.

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