sailrig MK III....?

OK Mr. Harris, you eluded to an updated version a while back then....silence....


Any updates to share please..?!

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RE: sailrig MK III....?

I hope it is not supposed to be a secret, but John will be sailing it at the OkoumeFest and taking pictures, etc. I am, perhaps like you, pretty excited about getting my hands on one! I am not sure if I should be slowiing down on my construction of the MKII in order to acomodate any design changes relative to the mast, etc. But WCGW by forging through the construction?! It's wood and fiberglass right?


RE: sailrig MK III....?

From what I could glean from the tiny okoume fest jpeg, it looks a lot closer to the MKII design than the original sailrig by Chris K.  I LIKE the fact that its a prgressive design and not relegated to one frozen design. Automobile manufacturers would never do such a thing. Its nice to see CLC being fluid in thsat manner as well.  No pun intended.



RE: sailrig MK III....?

My suspicion by the way is that its the small refinements that are probably defining the MKIII - maybe the beam is a few inches diff. Some deck to aka fabrication changes maybe.  Perhaps a different angle of ama to aka bow to stern?   I would go less with the idea that MKII designs were junked and more with the idea that its refined - tuned perhaps.


This is so cool.  There is nothing but nothing like holding the sheet having the wind power up the sail, your head does a little whip kinda thing and the  numbers climb on the GPS.   Big wave ahead? Go the hell on through it!


Redoing my akas still and redoing my rudder - Im soooooo looking forward to having my MKII on the water again.



RE: sailrig MK III....?


John just put out a nice article on the sail rig evolution. Just read the article a few days ago, but can't quite put my finger on it at the moment. somewhere on this site. Anyway, mostly an improved mast and 70 sq ft reef-able sail. The mast is thicker aluminum with a sail guide riveted on. About double the price of the MK II sail and mast.  Dave 

RE: sailrig MK III....?

just go to the product catalog. The article is there. Cheers! Dave

RE: sailrig MK III....?

Just read it. Heres the link for anyone interested:


I couldnt imagine 70 sq. ft. of sail powering my kayak!!! I find my 32 sq.ft. can be a handful. For those dog days of summer I might opt for the 55... the turbo power of the 70 though. Id love to see footage from the deck of that craft.


Again, it brings me happiness to see an excellent concept and design moved along.



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