gap in bottom panels

I just cut the forward bottom panels for my kaholo 12-6 project. I overlapped the bow end as required and made sure the ends to be scarfed line up perfectly. The issue is the approximately half-way between the two ends there is a sizeable gap along the centerline that runs for nearly 24 inches. I guess my question is whether or not this is normal (ie. will it close when wired together?) or can it be fixed with a thick fillet. The gap varies and at its widest it's 3/16 inches. I'm not that concerned with asthetics but I'm still worried this is a big problem nonetheless. Nothing is glued at this point. I'll try and post a picture in a bit. Any advice is appreciated!


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RE: gap in bottom panels

Here are photos of the problem:



RE: gap in bottom panels

It will fill with a filet and when sanded won't be really noticable. However, if the panels are beveled, it is really easy to wrap a thin piecs of ply with sand paper th bring down the high spots and close the gap.

RE: gap in bottom panels

Lol, welcome to stitch and glue.


More experienced or skilled or both will have nice flush seams but it's not uncommon for many folks to have it happen. I've had my share. Good news is this is easily taken care of. In these instances slender slivers of wood it in the crevice and filled with thickened epoxy makes for a mighty seam. Too, if it really bothers you, reinforce with fiberglass tape down the keel line, inside and out - depending how concerned you are.  I personally added extra glass on my kayaks keel line for abrasion resistance - its not a bad idea.  My craft turned out a little heavier but it's tank tough.   You can just use a fillet but go for the wood slivers then the fillet. I personally think it makes a better join.



RE: gap in bottom panels


The gap you see is not a problem and probably should be seen at this point.  It appears your plywood is lying on the deck flat, not stitched together. Once you start stitching it together and bending it to the shape of the hull the gap will pull together as it should. The gap you see is part of the design so when pulled together with the stitching you will get the correct hull shape assuming you cut your panels accurately from the plans. I always bevel the edges on both pieces so when pulled together there is nothing to fill from the outside.

RE: gap in bottom panels

I appreciate everyone's responses! I was able to isolate a high spot and planed it down. This closed the gap considerably. Good to know what's left can be filled acording to the techniques you told me about.



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