MC 16 Coming installation

I was test fitting my coaming yesterday and had questions.

With the noseblock in place, I ran the coaming along side of the carlins. The coamings wanted to flair out. When I clamped them into the noseblock, they came back straight (more vertical), however they only made contact with the bottom portion of the carlins. Should I plane the bottom of the carlins until I get full surface contact between the carlin and coaming. This is only happens in the forward 1/4 of the coaming. Thanks for any suggestions.


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RE: MC 16 Coming installation

Hi John...Would a different clamping set-up assist with getting full contact between the carlin and the coaming while holding the coaming into the noseblock? This is the set-up we used and it really pulled things together nicely.  Hope it helps.


RE: MC 16 Coming installation


Loved your Photos. I believe that will work for me. Also like trimming w/ router. Great boat !!

As far as the front footbraces, I've ordered the stud kit from clc. The way you mounted was what I was thinking of doing it.

thanks again

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