Just checking:  Where should the bulkhead be in relation to the back of the cockpit?  Should it line up with the back of the cockpit or be forward or aft of the back of the cockpit?  I'm wondering if I need to adjust some of forms to get the cockpit in the correct location (the bulkhead, for better or worse, is going to stay where it is).



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  Hi Steve,

  On our WD10H the bulkhead wound up an inch or so behind the cockpit, and we had to fill a void between the top of the bulkhead and the deck. No big deal but I did ask here about it and found others with same issue. I'm only bringing this up because to line the back of the cockpit with the top of the bulkhead (on the 10'er) caused a low spot in the deck. 



Same issue with the Duckling...a gap between the rear (only) bulkhead and the deck above. Not a real prob though; if you can build the boat, you can figure out how to fill in the gap.



I adjusted the location of the cockpit by carefully carving about 3/8 inch from the two notches on the aft-most form that has cockpit notches and that allowed me to move the cockpit an inch or so forward, so that the top of the bulkhead now exactly lines up with the aft end of the cockpit.  The cockpit is still going to be about 3/4 inch above the bulkhead, but I can close that gap with some spare okume and fiberglass tape when ready.  At least, that's my thought.


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