Re: beginner builder

Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 7, 2006

Hi Chuck,

Welcome to the club! Some thoughts...

* CLC offers the LapStitch method on six boats... (See: Since you're familiar with canoeing, the Sassafras canoe is a real consideration...

* But I wouldn't let go of the Skerry that quickly... CLC says it's an easy boat to build... I'd say go for it!

* Since you've never used LapStitch before, experiment on scrap... It may take a few minutes, or it may take a weekend, but you'll get the hang of it...

* Just go slowly and use this forum to work your way through problems and you should be fine. (And I should know.)

Just my $.02...


In Response to: beginner builder by Chuck Oxley on Sep 7, 2006



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