Winter Open House at CLC Shop

Location: Chesapeake Light Craft, Annapolis, Maryland
Dates: Saturday, December 2, 2017

Mark your calendar for our annual Winter Open House in Annapolis on Saturday, December 2nd, from 9am to 4:30pm. We're looking forward to hanging out with fellow boat nuts in our spacious shops and showroom. 

We'll have coffee and donuts in the morning and light snacks in the afternoon. And door prizes at the top of every hour for those who RSVP!  This event is free and family-friendly.


Look for one-day-only specials with steep discounts on all the popular gear and supplies.  Kits, too.

As always, there are free boatbuilding seminars all day. Speakers this year include master builder and designer Nick Schade, award-winning boatbuilder Joey Schott, and the most-experienced maker of traditional smallcraft sails in the country, Douglas Fowler. Scroll down for the full schedule.

There are neat prototypes hanging around, including NanoShip, the new Tenderly dinghy, and of course the CLC Teardrop Camper -- plus some of our latest development projects. Maybe even a few things we're not quite ready to talk about on the website.

We'll have big spreads of cool used and new hardware for sale at great prices, including traditional wood-shelled and Tufnol blocks for sailboats:

Holland Yacht Equipment Wood Shelled Blocks

Even a variety of completed boats for sale:

Whilly Boat NanoShip

Demonstrations at the CLC Shop

Seminar Schedule:

  • 10am: Epoxy Fillets for Dummies with John C. Harris

Bringing this one back by popular demand. If you're still pronouncing "fillet" as in "fish filet," this is the seminar for you. It's pronounced "FILL-it" if you're building boats, and it's fillets that hold modern wood-epoxy together. Easy to do, but hard to do well; John will show you how to do it well.

  • 11am: Intro to Strip-Planking with Nick Schade

Designer, artist, and author Nick Schade is the only boatbuilder with a kayak hanging in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. His strip-planking how-to videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube, but you get to see Nick fit cedar strips on a kayak, live and in three dimensions.  Many thanks to Nick for making the trip down from his home base in Connecticut.

  • 12pm: Basic Fiberglassing Techniques with Travis Guthrie

Fiberglass and epoxy provide wooden boats with a rugged, clear sheathing that's both structural and attractive. Wrinkles? Runs? Air bubbles? Not after this seminar with CLC boatbuilder Travis Guthrie.

  • 1pm: Advanced Fiberglassing Techniques with Joey Schott

You're starting to get a feel for fiberglass and epoxy. Now take it a step further and explore different kinds of fiberglass, and advanced application techniques such as using "peel-ply." Joey Schott, who started his own boatbuilding shop after a long tenure in management at CLC, is an unequivocal master.

  • 2pm: Maximum Performance with Traditional Sails with Douglas Fowler

Douglas Fowler is the preeminent maker of traditional smallcraft sails in North America. His sails have appeared on numerous glossy magazine covers that feature traditional boats. We tried several sailmakers before hiring Douglas about ten years ago to make the sails for all of CLC's small sailboats.  Douglas is traveling down from his loft in Syracuse, NY, to talk about how to rig and set up traditional four-sided sails. If you've always thought sails were just some nice fabric with a hem around the edge, come and learn about the scientific three-dimensional shape of well-cut sails.

  • 3pm: Varnish Like a Pro with John C. Harris

Once again by popular demand: here's another one of those procedures that LOOKS easy. Just open the can of varnish and start brushing it on your boat, right? Three coats later you've got a sagging, mottled surface that doesn't look very nice at all. Watch and learn how we apply and maintain the varnish on our own boats.