Teardrop Camper Interior Headliner

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Price: $345.00


UPDATE 12/22/20 :  We are currently out of foam to CNC cut headliner kits.  Please be advised we may not be receiving more until late January 2021.

Adding an interior liner to your Teardrop Camper is a quick and easy way to bump up the cozy factor. Without some sort of liner, a temperature differential between the cabin and the great outdoors can cause condensation inside. The liner is also a great sound insulator. It covers up any interior joinery that you're not proud of. And it just plain looks nice!

Our Teardrop Camper interior liner kit is CNC-cut from 3/4" (18mm) MiniCel foam. This is a very high-quality (and fairly expensive) foam that will not absorb water. The texture is similar to that of Alcantara, the synthetic suede-like material often used for the seats and headliners of $100,000 sports cars.