Trailex SUT-300U Adjustable Hand Dolly

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Thanks to an unprecedented demand for outdoor products, there are long production lead times for Trailex trailers and dollies. Turnaround times depend on the trailer model and can range from 6 weeks to several months. If you are considering a trailer, we suggest that you order sooner than later to allow for the delay. Students building boats in classes should contact us to confirm availability, to avoid a logistical crunch at the end of the class!

Estimated Production Date: June 2022

This lightweight fully adjustable universally hand dolly can be used at a retracted length of 8' 6", fully extended to 13', or set to a length anywhere in between.  The dolly has adjustable rear bunks, front bow supports and a bow stop.  The dolly is built entirely of durable aluminum and can be easily disassembled for transport.  Handles small dinghies as well as long, lightweight boats up to 21' with ease.  The perfect hand dolly for moving our Pram, Skerry, Tenderly, Wherry, and other boats in this size and weight range.  

  • Assembed weight: 51 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 55 lbs
  • Max load: 300lbs
  • Length Retracted: 8' 6"
  • Length Extended: 13'
  • Assembled Width: 53"
  • Printable assembly instructions: [PDF]
Hitch Attachment Option for towing with an ATV, golf cart and other utility vehicles.  Hitch uses a 1-7/8" ball.  Great for hauling through the neighborhood or marina. 
Not intended for road or highway usage.
1 7/8" Hitch Option For Sut-300U.
8" Wide Beach Wheel upgrade shown here.  (Standard wheel on the right)
8" Steel Wheels In Place Of 6" For The Sut-300U
Note: Dolly kits are drop-shipped from the factory to your door.  Dollies are not always available for pickup in our showroom, call in advance to check for pick-up availability.  Shipping fees may apply for showroom pick-ups.