Spoon Blade Oars

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Beautiful, nicely balanced spoon blade oars carved from Sitka Spruce.  Spoon blade oars are the best choice for boats designed primarily for fixed-seat rowing, such as whitehalls, wherrys and skiffs.  They are finished with high quality spar varnished, and have epoxy tips reinforced with glass strand.  The shaft diameter is 1-3/4, blade length is 24” and maximum blade width is 5-1/2”.  We bring these in from British Columbia.  It's very difficult to find this level of quality in a spoon blade oar at this price. 

Shipping is free when ordered with your boat kit or sailing kit option!

  • All spoon blade oars can be shipped with boat kit orders at no additional charge. 
  • All sizes can be shipped by FedEx Ground service, but oversized fees apply to 8' oars.
  • Local pickups are available for all sizes, call to confirm stock.  

Nov 2021: These oars are not currently in production, and we only have a limited number available.