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True mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla), also known as Honduran mahogany or big-leaf mahogany, has been valued for centuries for its beauty, durability and resistance to decay. Ever-increasing demand put a lot of strain on the mahogany forests of its native South and Central America, leading to protections, increased cost, and decreased availability.  Until now.

Vast tracts of this species were planted in Fiji shortly after World War II, and those stands have matured in spectacular fashion.  The foresters have been surprised and gratified at how well the plantations have thrived, becoming sustainably-harvested traditional forests. The result is that we now have true mahogany, available at a reasonable price from forests that are growing stronger every generation.  Indeed, Fijian mahogany is not on CITES endangered lists.

Fijian MahoganyAs good as all this news is, it is still the working properties, beautiful color and consistent figure that have long distinguished genuine mahogany from all other woods. We are happy to be able to provide Fijian mahogany alongside Philippine Mahogany and other species for your boatbuilding needs.  Our stock sizes will make beautiful thwarts, floorboards, and rubrails.

If you are looking at pre-packaged rail “kits” with scarf joints already cut, click here.

Finish: Wider boards are S2S (surfaced 2 sides).  Stringers (7/8 x 7/8 and smaller) are surfaced 4 sides.

**Prices shown are Per Lineal Foot of the selected dimension**  

If you desire board lengths over 7-1/2 feet, please indicate that in the Order Notes field on the final checkout screen. 

Pickup Orders: Please call ahead to check on availability before making a long trip to pick up lumber.