Epoxy Mixing Cups - Quart

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These Quart (32oz) sized graduated mixing cups are what we use for mixing epoxy in our shop.  Each cup has calibrated markings for accurate measuring.  Mix and measure your epoxy in one container with the ratio markings.  Semi-transparent, solvent resistant polyethylene buckets.  You can let the leftover epoxy cure, then flex the cup.  Since epoxy doesn't stick to the plastic, the leftover falls out and the cups are as good as new.  Indispensable for making epoxy fillets.

Save by buying in bulk!  Get a sleeve of 20 mixing quart size cups for $24.50.

*NEW* Assorted Mixing Cup Pack - 10 count

We are now offering an assorted pack of graduated mixing cups.  10 Pack includes the following containers: Quart-32oz (2), Pint-14oz (4), 6oz (4).

assorted MAS Branded epoxy mixing cups