Knots - Splices - Line Handling - Captain's Quick Guides

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On the water, when questions arise, there is no time to spend searching through an exhaustive manual. The Captain's QuickGuides provide all the answers--fast. Drawn from the world's largest boating library, each laminated QuickGuide presents 14 color panels of authoritative, concise information on a critical topic. This on-the-spot reference is ideal for boaters who need a convenient, accessible, and utterly streamlined information resource.

This Guide covers everything you need to know about knots, splices, and line handling.

  • How to tie the basic knots and hitches
  • How to splice three-strand and braided lines
  • Rope characteristics and breaking strengths
  • Dock lines and their uses
  • Cleating and coiling line
  • selecting the right rope for the job


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