Greenland Paddle by Shearwater Boats

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Shearwater and Wood Duck designer Eric Schade has been building these excellent West Greenland-style paddles for years.  Handmade by Eric in his shop near Bath, Maine, they are beautiful, exquisitely light, and reasonably priced.

Standard sizes are 210cm (82 1/2in), 215cm (84 3/4in), 220cm (86 1/2in), and 230cm (90 1/2in). Available (in-stock) sizes are listed in the dropdown on this page. Please contact us if you'd like a size that is not listed.

Greenland paddles are becoming more popular every year for kayak touring because they are efficient over long distances and in windy conditions.  Their shape tends to reduce stess on elbow and shoulder joints while giving smooth and controllable power on the water.  Advanced paddlers love the variety of extended paddle positions possible with this thousand-year-old Inuit design.

Eric Schade in a Shearwater 17 with a Greenland Paddle

Eric's Greenland paddles are made from sitka spruce with highlights of redwood and walnut. The tips are reinforced with fiberglass for durability.  If you are into Eskimo rolling or other "Greenland" style skills, you already know the value of a fine paddle for improving your moves.

Standard sizes are 210cm (82 1/2in), 215cm (84 3/4in), 220cm (86 1/2in), and 230cm (90 1/2in).  Need a special size?  Just ask---special orders available at the same price.

DISCONTINUED ITEM - Eric is no longer making these amazing paddles. Order now before the last one is gone!