Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Rowing Draft: Sailing Draft: Sail Area:
Lake Union Swift (Tenderly XP) 10' 0" 150 lbs. 52 in. 450 lbs. 6" 30" 78 sq ft.

The Lake Union Swift is a variant of the successful Tenderly Dinghy.

The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle is currently building a fleet to use for sail training on Lake Union. The prototype was known as the "Tenderly XP." The Center for Wooden Boats has given the design a much-better name: "Lake Union Swift."

Kits have been refined and readied. The Tenderly XP/Lake Union Swift design will be available as a CLC "ProKit," to builders who have assembled a few stitch-and-glue boats already.

Background on this design: Noting that the standard Tenderly is an unusually sprightly sailboat while being very easy to handle, designer John C. Harris pondered whether a decked-in version with a taller rig and bowsprit might be a fun daysailer, club-racer, or trainer.

Most of the interior is sealed up in the form of bench seats optimized for comfortable sailing. Without adding weight, the "tanked" seats provide better ergonomics to hike and balance the powerful sloop rig. Even better, this arrangement allows for rapid recovery from the capsizes that are more likely with such a sporty sailplan! The Center for Wooden Boats fleet will be getting aluminum masts in place of the prototype's wooden mast.

Tenderly XP - Lake Union Swift

The Lake Union Swift's big rig and interior layout doesn't lend itself as well to "working dinghy" duty compared to the standard-issue Tenderly Dinghy. The Lake Union Swift is intended as a purist's sailboat, great fun for knocking about bays and lakes with two adults or an adult and a couple of kids. Or a bunch of kids learning how to sail! A fleet of these racing around the buoys would be strikingly beautiful to watch, and a barrel of monkeys for the sailors.

Given watertight hatches in the tanks, the Lake Union Swift would work great as a small "beach-cruiser."

The prototype was built in 2017 by a class at the WoodenBoat School in Maine, led by John Harris, and finished at CLC by Travis Guthrie and colleagues.

As of January 2021, kit packages will be available soon!