Our profuse thanks to everyone who greeted us on our four-stop tour in August and September!  

Stops included:

Madison, Wisconsin
Newport Beach, California
Sacramento, California
Port Townsend, Washington

We've seldom seen such big crowds trying out boats and thinking about building boats.  Let us catch our breath, then we'll be back on the road over the winter.

CLC West Coast Tour 2012

Austin, who was at the wheel of the CLC Big Rig most of the trip, grabbed this money shot in Utah.

CLC Sacramento Demo 2012

This was the start of the demo at the Newport Aquatic Center in Newport Beach, California.

CLC Newport Beach Demo 2012 

Next up was Lake Natoma near Sacramento, California.  We ran out of wristbands at 100 people, so we're not sure of the total head count, but this was a VERY busy demo!  


Pocketship at WBF2012

We splurged on two trucks this year and towed PocketShip out to the WoodenBoat Festival in Port Townsend.  Here, our friend Russell Brown tows PocketShip into the marina with his stitch-and-glue PT Skiff.  

Pocketship at WBF2012

We were delighted to see Jon Lee appear at the show in his own beautiful PocketShip.  Jon built his boat from plans.

Pocketship at WBF2012

A good shot of Jon's PocketShip.

Tower of kayaks at WBF2012

The CLC kayak tower keeps presenting interesting photo ops.  

Pocketship at WBF2012

PocketShip nestled into a sea of cool wooden boats.

Kaholo 14 Hybrid at WBF2012

We had a half-dozen paddleboards on hand for people to try out.  This is a Kaholo, built with a strip-planked deck by our colleague Larry Froley.  Larry runs Gray Whale Trading and specializes in paddleboards.  

Chester Yawl at WBF2012

Our Chester Yawl out for a spin off Port Townsend.

Pocketship at WBF2012

Jon Lee's PocketShip, only about a week old, sailing near Admiralty Inlet.

Kaholo SUP at WBF2012

Larry Froley and his son Zach put on daily Kaholo paddleboard demonstrations.

Pocketship at WBF2012

One of the great things about the Port Townsend WoodenBoat Festival is the ethic of participants all heading out on the water every afternoon.  We did, too, with our friend Dieter Loibner volunteering as skipper.

Pocketship at WBF2012

The waters off Port Townsend offer sometimes-boisterous sailing conditions, as this photo of CLC's PocketShip and the following pics demonstrate.  We got some great video, too!  Click here for a fun 1-minute YouTube clip.

Pocketship at WBF2012

Pocketship at WBF2012

Pocketship at WBF2012

Pocketship at WBF2012

Shearwater Sport at WBF 2012

A Shearwater Sport next to Jon Lee's Pocketship.

CLC staff paddle at WBF 2012

The CLC crew went out daily to explore the local waters.

Kaholo SUP and Eastport Pram at WBF 2012

Here's an Eastport Pram and a Kaholo SUP being used as tenders to a larger boat.

Kaholo 14 SUP at WBF2012

Our colleague Aaron, staying dry in very cold water.

Shearwater 17 at WBF2012

Joey, with Whidbey Island in the background.  Shearwater 17

Night Heron Hybrid and High-Deck at WBF2012

Colleagues Austin and Dieter, with Port Townsend visible.  Night Heron and Night Heron Hybrid.

Wood Duck 12 Hybrid at WBF2012

Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

Shearwater 17 at WBF2012

Great photo of a Shearwater 17!

Kaholo 14 SUP and Shearwater 17 at WBF2012

Hudson Point

Sassafras 12 at WBF2012

Sassafras 12

Northeaster Dory at WBF2012

A Northeaster Dory built by Doug Van Allen

Northeaster Dory at WBF2012

Karli Mueller's Northeaster Dory, with a sliding seat.

Northeaster Dory at WBF2012

Heading out for the rowing races during the Festival.

Northeaster Dory at WBF2012

Doug's Northeaster Dory competing as a tandem.

Night Heron High-Deck at WBF2012

Night Heron trials.

The daily sail-by at Hudson Point.

Shearwater Sport at WBF2012

Shearwater Sport

Shearwater Sport at WBF2012

Shearwater Sport rolls.

Wood Duck 12 Hybrid at WBF2012

A Wood Duck kayak with a sailing rig!

Pocketship at WBF2012

PocketShip in company with Russell Brown's 36-foot Pacific proa "Jzerro."

Proa WBF2012

Jzerro making 17 knots off Port Townsend.  Sharp eyes will recognize Jzerro as the direct inspiration for CLC's 31-foot proa, "Madness."  We got some really good video of Jzerro in action:  Click Here.

Wood Duck 12 Hybrid

Joey closes the show on Saturday with cannon fire from a Wood Duck.

Wood Duck 12 Hybrid at WBF2012

That's a brass signal cannon with a 10-gauge blank.  

Wood Duck 12 Hybrid at WBF2012

Joey was lucky not to shoot his eye out.  He'll be refinishing that deck back here in Annapolis.

CLC advertisement

Stack of show programs.  CLC was a major sponsor of the WoodenBoat Festival.

The show as we packed up.  See you next year!


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& 45 minutes
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